Inge van winkel is the director and choreographer of African All Stars, and she organizes and teaches most of the classes on offer. In 1997 Inge graduated from Codarts, the Rotterdam Dance Academy (University of the Arts in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands), where she specialized in contemporary dance, jazz dance, African dance and dance education. After her studies, she became granted with a scholarship to specialize in African dance in West-Africa. This allowed her to train with ‘The National Dance Company of Ghana’, ‘Ballet National Djoliba’ in Guinea, the University of Arts in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast (l’Insaac), as well as with local dance groups, such as Yelemba d’Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and ‘Ballet Basikolo’ in Conakry (Guinea). She undertook more study trips to expand her knowledge and skills in ‘Dunham technique’ (Alvin Aily School New York), Method Acogny” by Germaine Acogny in Amsterdam, and in traditional techniques in Ghana (with F. Nii Yartey) and Guinea (Ballet Basikolo).

Before even graduating, Inge started teaching at the Rotterdam Dance Academy which she continued to do until she moved to Perth in 2008. Since ’97, she has been a versatile, freelance performer, and choreographer in multiple contemporary- and non-western dance groups and projects. In addition, she expanded her dance vocabulary by learning salsa and mambo. For more than ten years she has performed with several contemporary, youth, African, and Latin dance companies, both in the Netherlands and many other European countries, as well as in Africa and South America. She has been a touring member of companies, such as ‘Theatergroep Stout’, ‘Amazing Discoveries’ (Youth dance companies), ‘Footworks’ (African/Latin);  ‘Global Village’ (multidisciplinairy); ‘Tic d’Luna’ (African/Oriental), ‘Salseros Dance Company’, ‘Los Intocables’, and a freelance dancer collaborating with musicians and musical ensembles.

Inge has also choreographed several works in which she used her broad dance training and her extensive experience in working with musicians, amonst others in: ‘Earthwise’ for the Rotterdam Dance Academy; ‘Mi Afo’ for the city of Rotterdam; and ‘Global Village’ for educational purposes. She loves working with live music, and in her work she uses her extensive knowledge and experience of both Western and non-Western dance forms to educate, encourage and inspire her students. In Perth, she continued to choreograph for her company African All Stars and for several theatre shows.

In 2011, Inge finished her Master’s at UWA focusing on dancers’ health & wellbeing in relation to education and coaching. Currently, she applies this new gained knowledge combined with teaching methodologies whilst lecturing at Universities, as well as in her teaching and working with children and youngsters in schools, with adults in her dance courses and her private practice for Health coaching and Journey Therapy (see ).