At Le Studio we understand the role that dance can play in people’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, we offer classes that aim on joy, group energy and fitness, such as the African Dance activities, as well as classes that are more nurturing and place  attention on  body, self awareness and health, such as Dance Medicine and yoga. Please see classes & workshops for our scheduled group sessions.

Individual Dance/movement sessions
For people who would love to dance, whether structure or free flow with guidance, individual sessions are offered. Of course this might be very beneficial for people who never dance before and don’t feel like joining a group (yet), for people who missed classes or feel they want some extra training and attention, and of course for people who have been injured or had other health reasons that require a slow build up of strength, flexibility and to regain confidence in the body.

Dance Coaching

Dance coaching is suitable for anyone, or any group wanting to broaden their skills, enhance their practice, or who needs a repetitor to improve a choreography for performance whether solo or with a group.
Dance coaching is also very suitable for individuals who want to find out more about their thought patterns in relation to injuries, or about limited potential.

For more information about Dance Coaching and Journey Work please see .